Automobile Services and Modifications

in Elkins, WV

Miller’s Modification Station
Provides Excellence in Auto Services

Looking for automobile services and modifications in Elkins, WV? We offer the following services at Miller’s Modification Station:

For excellence in automobile services and modifications, call Miller’s Modification Station today at (304) 637-4055 for information or an appointment.

Rely on Miller’s Modification Station
for Exhaust Repair or Customization

The professionals at Miller’s Modification Station specialize in basic exhaust repair up to building a custom exhaust. Let us dramatically change the look of your vehicle with a custom header and stylish exhaust tips. We carry a variety of exhaust products including Flowmaster, Magnaflow, AP Exhaust, and Cherry Bomb. Explore our selection of aluminized and stainless exhaust system piping. Once you pick your favorite muffler and pipe option, enhance the appearance with exhaust tips.

Visit Us
for the Following Exhaust Services:

Exhaust Maintenance
Muffler Service
Tailpipe Replacement
Catalytic Converter Maintenance
Exhaust Manifold Replacement

Miller’s Modification Station
is the Powder Coating Specialist in Elkins, WV

Miller’s Modification Station in Elkins, WV can powder coat frames and parts on any ATV and motorcycle. Our team also coats wheels, engine parts, suspension components and more. We use the Kool Koat 2.0 DPW featuring the latest in Digital Pulse Wave technology. Customers can select from a variety of performance powder colors that fit their style. Trust us to help with your next specialty project.

Affordable Suspension Kits
in Elkins and Randolph County, WV

Miller’s Modification Station offers affordable suspension kits in Elkins and Randolph County, WV. Let our specialists help you pick a lowering kit or lift kit that is right for your vehicle. Our experts will guide you through a variety of different suspension kits. At Miller’s Modification Station, you will receive superior customer service at affordable prices. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Specializing in Performance
Parts and Pro Tuning in the Tygart Valley

Let Miller’s Modification Station optimize your drive style with our Dynojet 224xlc dynamometer as well as a Certified Pro Tuner. We offer specialized tuning services with HP Tuners & Holley EFI. Dyno Tuning finds the mechanical limits of a vehicle & enhances its performance. Also, it helps customers who are seeking better fuel economy, towing capabilities, and personalized driving experience. We serve the Tygart Valley area including Randolph, Lewis, Upshur, Barbour, and Tucker counties in WV.

We Are an Authorized XPEL
Window Tinting Dealer in Elkins, WV

Miller’s Modification Station is your source for XPEL Window Tinting in Elkins, WV and surrounding area. Adding window tinting to your vehicle helps reduce glare from the sun, snow, and oncoming vehicle headlights. It also can block harmful UV rays that accelerate aging and cancer-causing sun exposure. Protect your car’s interior from sun damage by having window tinting installed in your vehicle. Stop by 33 Bay Dr. Elkins, WV for more information.

Rely on Miller’s Modification Station for automobile services and modifications in Elkins, WV.